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Augmented Reality & Apps from Darkside Studios

Darkside Studios is uniquely placed combining skilful animation and live action capability with experience in emerging technologies.

We produce Apps and Augmented Reality using our own in-house programmers, along with outstanding content to provide a joined up, well-managed pipeline.

Augmented Reality is essentially a real world scenario, altered with the implementation of computer-generated graphics, video or sound. This modified setting allows clients to enhance the perception of reality. Augmented differs to virtual reality, which quite simply replaces a real world environment with one that’s simulated.

We have extensive experience working with clients on Augmented Reality projects and a huge portfolio of incredible work to showcase. We’re able to utilise advanced AR technology to digitally manipulate certain surroundings, creating artificial information to complement your real world scenario.

With the video below you can get a better understanding of the technicalities surrounding Augmented Reality and how Darkside incorporate this into various projects. We make it look very easy, but in fact there are plenty of complex technicalities behind our work.

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If you have the need to use a green screen studio in London you can get in contact with us via email on SayHello@DarksideStudios.uk, telephone on 020 7148 1500 or by completing our online contact form: