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Live Action Filming

In layman’s terms, live action refers to cinematography and videography that isn’t animated, but instead films real people. Typically, the term live action is used when you would otherwise expect animation. This could be a Disney Pixar film or where actors and animation coexist, such as Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Our live action department can handle any live shoot from simple corporate "talking heads" (preferably shot in our new Green Screen facility) and app/web footage, to complex TV commercials and corporate films. We can handle live broadcasts and stream straight to the Internet - particularly from our facility in Holborn. We use state of the art equipment; including cameras, jibs, tracks, mics and various LED panel lights - all loved and serviced regularly by our good selves.

Oh yes. We also have experienced operators and producers in-house too, who will oversee every project from beginning to end. Essentially, for whatever live action you wish to film, at Darkside we have the facilities to assist.

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If you have the need to use a green screen studio in London you can get in contact with us via email on SayHello@DarksideStudios.uk, telephone on 020 7148 1500 or by completing our online contact form: