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The End Of The Solar System

Horizon: The End Of The Solar System aired on BBC2 last night and is now available on BBC iPlayer. In this film, Horizon brings these predictions to life in a peaceful midwestern town that has a giant scale model of the solar system spread out all over the city. As it ages, the sun will …
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Trauma Doctors

Trauma Doctors currently airing in Channel 5 follows an elite team of doctors as they diagnose and treat patients at one of the UK’s leading trauma centres. Darkside created all GFX elements for the series.   More info here

Eye In The Sky

From director Gavin Hood, (Enders Game) comes a film about a military officer in command of a drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya sees her mission escalate from “capture” to “kill”. Under the guidance of VFX Supervisor Simon Hansen, Darkside Studios and Inspired Minority created several sequences, including the fully digital bug drone. Click here to …
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Strike Back Season 5

Darkside Studios provided on set supervision in Budapest and completed over 350 VFX shots for 8 episodes of the fifth and final series of Strike Back. Full project breakdown and making of videos from Darkside coming soon. Until then check out the Cinemax trailer below!

Coming Soon! How The Universe Works Season 4.

Darkside are very proud to have been commissioned by Pioneer to create  170 shots across all 8 episodes of the 4th season of How The Universe Works. Check out the teaser trailer below. http://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/how-the-universe-works/how-the-universe-works-season-four

Darkside Studios have helped BBC and ‘The Sky at Night’ celebrate its 750th episode

Darkside Studios have helped BBC and ‘The Sky at Night’ celebrate its 750th episode. Taking part in the space event of the year, by providing a detailed graphic of the New Horizons space probe that is bringing new detailed images of Pluto and its moon system at the far reaches of our solar system –  Monday …
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Yonderland Series 2

Darkside was responsible for clean up work on the puppets as well as come CG integration and effects design on Yonderland Series 2. Click below to watch the trailer. Yonderland Series 2 airs on Sky 1 HD Mon 13 Jul, 8:00pm

Tony Robinson’s Victory in Europe is on TV tonight

Tony Robinson’s Victory in Europe is on Discovery HD tonight at 9. Darkside provided GFX for the show including a title sequence, maps and GFX to depict battle stats. Darkside also provded all GFX in steroscopic for the Sky 3D channel. More info here

Britain’s Favourite Foods – Are They Good For You? – Review

‘Britain’s Favourite Foods – Are They Good For You?’ aired last night on BBC2 and is currently available on BBC iPlayer. Darkside was tasked with visualising some of Britains most popular foods by putting large quantities of everyday food into iconic British landmarks. We filled Trafalgar Square to the height of Nelson’s Column with potatoes, ran …
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