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Our World War

Working with Bafta award winning directors Bruce Goodison and Ben Chanan alongside producer Sue Horth, Darkside were tasked with creating over 300 VFX shots for BBC world war one drama Our World War.

The main challenges facing the Darkside team included seamless integration of explosions, bullet hits, and muzzel flashes into fast paced action footage. Many shots also involved troop duplication and the addition of bodies, shrapnel and other elements to provide believable surroundings to each battlefield sequence.



Maps & Drones

An important element of each Episode is the use of Maps and Drone shots to set a wider geographical context to the action on the ground. Each was carefully designed and implemented to convey historically information whilst maintaining the contemporary visual style of each episode.


The use of fully CG Drone footage gives the audience a dramatic insight into what is happening on the ground.   Framing the historical battles using modern technology creates a visual link to how people today experience warfare.

Darkside Provided on set VFX supervision during the shoots for each of the 3 episodes. Digital location 'Doubles'  for each set were created from on location measurements and photography combined with historical maps and research.  These allowed Darkside animators to create a range of Drone shots as required by the directors.



The show has been very well recieved by the industry and public alike. Here are a few nice words

The Times: Pick of the Day
' does much to blow away the fog of the past and present an immediate, visceral view of the fighting in all its chaos and desperation...the stand-out programme...harrowing and immersive.'

The Telegraph: Digital Choice
'..fast-paced camerawork and a hard edge...a strong sense of reality.'

The Mail: Five stars
'Shattering new three-parter...engages the eyes, ears and emotions at every turn, and speaks to a cast and crew giving it their very best. Bravo.'

Sunday Times Culture:
'A fresh viewpoint... impressive...often recalling Band of Brothers...'


THE FIRST DAY.  Thurs 7th August 2014

PALS. Thurs 14th August 2014

WAR MACHINE. Thurs 21st August 2014




Project: Our World War