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Darkside are pleased to announce the completion of over 300 vfx shots for the BBC 1 sci-fi show Outcasts. Set in the year 2040, Outcasts is located on a recently discovered planet and tells the story of a group of people setting up for long term colonisation – will the arrival of new colonists bring the problems of Earth with them? Will the mistakes that destroyed Earth be repeated?

Outcasts was shot in South Africa; logistically this was always going to be challenging, so Darkside supplied 2 on set supervisors to overview and advise on the special effects shoot, in the UK Darkside had a further 14 people working on the design and construction of the effects that would recieve such high acclaim during the broadcast of Outcasts. Effects ranged from classic space shots through to green screen work and extensive set extensions. Indeed, in the case of “Forthaven” every long range shot has an entirely digital city.


Client:BBC and Kudos