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Brief: Provide picture post-production services and CGI VFX for 5 episodes of the second 8-part series.

How it was done: Darkside's VFX supervisor had regular meetings with the Director and Production Team to discuss what was required for each episode and help conceptualise the varied assortment of effects. Molinare then provided plates to Darkside Studios on which the VFX were executed and handed back to be placed in edit. Most of the work involved extensive clean-up of puppet rigs which at times could become quite complex. Other work included combining greenscreen plates with backgrounds, sky replacements, set extension, magical effects and 3D integration. Clean-ups and Compositing were handled by Darkside's Nuke Compositing Team and 3D elements were created and rendered in Lightwave 3D. In total Darkside delivered 258 shots.

Project:Yonderland Season 2

Client:Working Title Films