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The Edit Suite

Darkside Studio’s new Editing and Grading Suite is the cutting edge of modern post-production featuring the latest super speed Mac Pro. This is capable of capturing, editing and authoring 4K and beyond. FCPX, Avid or Premier are all available and the suite has the latest Blackmagic design 4K capture and editing hardware. This means every pixel is live as you work on your latest project in standard definition, Full HD or even Ultra HD, 4K or Cinema 6K.

Using the Da Vinci grading system your project can have that real cinematic look and the facility enables LIVE multi camera broadcasts straight to TV or web.

Most importantly of all though – It’s huge. 20ft x15ft in old money to be precise. It’s certainly not the broom cupboard you get in a lot of facilities, where there’s no room to swing your iPad. There’s even space to stretch your legs while the editor beavers away and a mini office area where you can concentrate on those pesky emails.


Here's the geeky spec bit….
Our suite incorporates the very latest in Fibre and Thunderbolt 2 hard disk raids for capture and safe storage of your projects. With raids capable of 1300 megs per second the workflow allows you to capture and edit multiple 4K or Ultras HD streams in realtime. The suite is set up to work with every type of codec modern and old from the very latest 6K raw codecs to legacy SD PAL or NTSC projects you may wish to upscale. It also features a fantastic sonically neutral 7.2 sound system, 6K visual monitoring as well as broadcast standard monitoring from REC 709 to DCI cinema standards. The suite also features the latest Da Vinci Resolve, the industry standard cinema film grading software to allow you to go though the whole cinema film, TV show or advert workflow.

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